Bill Clinton ties extremism to lack of opportunity

Earlier this month, former President Bill Clinton was speaking at the American University in Dubai when he was asked by an audience member “What leads people to suicide bombing?”  President Clinton’s answer mirrors the belief we share at that violence is a product of its socio-economic context.

“[Suicide bombers] believe, absent some cataclysmic and destructive event, that tomorrow is going to be just like yesterday,” said Clinton.  “Peace is not just the absence of conflict.  It is the presence of opportunity and cooperation and a sense of justice and fairness and movement.”

Clinton went on to highlight the need to promote education, equality and economic opportunity in fighting extremism. He reminded the students in attendance that “we cannot shoot our way out of the world’s instability.”

At, we help people use microlending to contribute to an environment of economic opportunity in the Middle East.  If you believe, as we do, that economic development can foster a more stable and peaceful region, consider visiting us online to make a loan or to help spread the word.


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