LendforPeace…for Kids? yep.

LendforPeace Community,

We’ve often preached that while the Israeli-Palestinian is complicated, making a difference does not have to be.  If you didn’t believe us, maybe you will believe 13 year-old Brandon Hirsh.

Brandon recently launched his own website, lfpforkids.com, that introduces his peers to the concepts embodied by our LendforPeace.org micro-lending platform.  Admittedly, we never saw 13 year-olds as part of our target audience.  But Brandon wants to change that.

He understands, perhaps better than we ever did, that microfinance for peace is about something much more fundamental, something much more “child-like”, than politics or economics.  It’s about giving people who have been denied opportunity the opportunity they deserve; an opportunity that allows them to provide for their children and build vibrant, empowered communities.  Brandon’s site reminds us that peace does not look like a political document or a celebrated hand-shake.  Peace looks like parents providing for their children, and children riding safe buses to financially supported schools where they don’t have to fear air raids.

It’s worth noting that since September 2000 alone, 1,463 Palestinian and 124 Israeli children have been killed by violence associated with the conflict.  Visit www.rememberthesechildren.org to learn more about these numbers, and then visit Brandon’s site to see what one “child” is doing about them.

Before you do that though, meet Brandon:



“New York City Metro Area”

Would you rather see the Yankees win the world series, or the Red Sox lose the world series?

“Yankees all the way. Although it’s always a nice consolation prize to see the Red Sox lose. :D”

Would you rather see the Yankees win the world series, or see the Middle East become a land of peace and equal opportunity for Israelis and Palestinians?

“Definitely see the Middle East become a land of peace and equal opportunity. The Yankees can wait, and win next year. The Middle East problem cannot.”

I thought most kids your age spent their free-time managing a facebook profile and tweeting @justinbieber, so in two sentences or less, why did you spend your free-time creating lfpforkids.com?

I spent my free time creating lfpforkids.com because I believe that to have the Middle East be a peaceful place, while combining my interests in technology and site designing, would be a great way to do my bar mitzvah project.”

And now that you’ve met him, go check out Brandon’s site: www.lfpforkids.com

-The LFP Team


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