LendforPeace.org Partners with McNally Jackson Books
November 22, 2009

At LendforPeace.org, we think of our mission as extending beyond the field of international development and into the realms of awareness and education.  We work with a region tied to many contentious and complicated issues, and one in which mutual understanding will be necessary in order to bridge the divides of borders, political opinions, religions, and ethnicities.  LendforPeace.org is a good venue for this kind of dialogue because it is a common ground initiative; no matter where you stand politically, we can all agree that there is no winner in poverty.

It is this emphasis on education that makes us so excited to announce a collaboration with McNally Jackson Books in SoHo, orchestrated by two LendForPeace volunteers.

LendforPeace.org Display at McNally Jackson Books

McNally Jackson is currently featuring a LendforPeace.org themed display with five very informative books chosen by LendForPeace.org: “The Missing Peace” by Dennis Ross, “Inequality Reexamined” by Amartya Sen, “Banker To the Poor” by Muhammad Yunus, “The Israel-Arab Reader” edited by Walter Lacquer and Barry Rubin, and “How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas” by David Bornstein. We hope the selection can bring a bit of background and understanding to anyone interested in the work LendforPeace.org does.

If you’re in the area, please drop by McNally Jackson at 52 Prince St. to pick up an LendForPeace.org flier and a couple of these excellent books!

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